Esthetic dentistry

For your shiny smile!

Teeth whitening– fast and efficient way to improve your smile, boost your confidence and evoke admiration in people around you!

We offer several techniques for teeth whitening, depending on your desires and available time.

Technique of teeth whitening at home represents an easy, simple and absolutely safe way to whiten your teeth in only a few days.

Based on the imprint of your teeth a thin individual foil is made. This foil is worn during the night and does not disturb your sleep! Patients then receive adequate gels, depending on the color shade they wish to achieve.

Power Bleaching

If you want a quicker and more efficient resultwe offer you the possibility to whiten your teeth in our office. Power Bleaching is an ideal way to whiten teeth for people with little free time, because desired result is achieved in only 45 minutes.

If you have old fillings that damage the esthetic look of your smile, we advise you to replace them.

For whichever teeth whitening treatment you decide, results are guaranteed

Achieved effects last for years!


Decorations and teeth tattoos- to make a perfect smile even more stunning we offer you zirkon of various colors and sizes.

Striping and teeth reshaping- we offer you the possibility to reshape asymmetric teeth and to achieve harmony in your mouth. This treatment is completely painless and without consequences for your teeth.



Nice and brilliant smile

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