Oral surgery

Team of experts in Dental Studio DR O offers you all types of oral-surgical services. With the right therapy and appropriate surgical technique all interventions are ABSOLUTELY SAFE AND PAINLESS.

Teeth extractions

This service we only do when there no other possibility to preserve the tooth.

Extraction of impacted (non erupted) teeth.

Those are often third molars. This service is done when there is an obstacle for growing or due to bad position of teeth, which can endanger surrounding teeth.

-Root resection (Apicoectomy)

Surgical removal of the tip of the tooth together with pathological process around it.

-Root hemisection

A technique to remove one root in case of a multi root teeth, when the rest of the root system is preserved.


Represents a removal of a cyst and its content.

-Augmentation (adding) of bone

Adding bone is a treatment that is often used within periodontal surgery, and also during installation of implants where it is necessary to add bone to create necessary conditions for installation.

-Surgical-orthodontist therapy



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